The BRICK Education Network leads and operates BRICK schools, including the Achieve Community Charter School and the Marion P. Thomas Charter Schools, and the BRICK Family Allies, including the South Ward Children’s Alliance, which provides supports for children from cradle to career.

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Our Approach

The BRICK Education Network believes that the school can be a powerful convening institution to holistically support children and families in a two-generation format, break the cycle of generational poverty and strengthen communities.

BRICK Education Network has developed and tested a new school model that fundamentally reimagines how to support the life trajectory of children most impacted by generational poverty and systemic racism. Systemic racism has hobbled so many communities of color and disproportionately placed additional burdens on their lives. The result is that parents and communities, who have the desire, spirit, and capability to build a better future for their children, must struggle with the challenges of generational poverty while also raising their children alone.

Our comprehensive model brings together a strong academic program, culturally sustaining practices, and the necessary public systems together to support children and families with achieving their dreams. This holistic coordinated approach helps close the achievement gap and breaks the cycle of poverty, ensuring that children and families living in underserved communities receive the support they need to leverage their knowledge,  culture,  and identity to disrupt systems of oppression.

The BRICK Approach

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
Relevant Pedagogy

BRICK believes a strong education is a core component in ensuring the success of all children from prenatal to profession.

Culturally Sustaining Practices
Emotional Support

Culturally Sustaining Practices 
BRICK offers a culturally relevant model to support and deploy practices that value every family’s unique background and cultural identity while preparing all persons for success throughout life.

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BRICK believes access to basic resources, including prenatal support, early childhood education, healthcare, workforce development, affordable housing, and a strong educational foundation, can end generational poverty and ultimately transform communities.


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