The BRICK Education Network leads and operates BRICK schools, including the Achieve Community Charter School and the Marion P. Thomas Charter Schools, and the BRICK Family Allies, including the South Ward Children’s Alliance, which provides supports for children from cradle to career.

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Our Approach

BRICK’s unique approach to transforming public education puts successful students and world-class schools at the center of vibrant communities. Powered by diverse leaders and a commitment to fighting the status quo, BRICK Education Network is building resilient, intelligent, creative kids by equipping them with a  high-quality, nurturing education and thriving, engaged families to support their success.

BRICK's holistic model and learning approach ensures our scholars are on an unimpeded path to unlocking their limitless potential. We not only focus on a rigorous academic program, but intentionally provide “out of the classroom” supports to break down external barriers to a successful academic journey.

The BRICK Holistic Model


Mental Health

A focus on the mental health needs of our students to cope with issues and live full lives.

Personal Identity
A focus on students knowing themselves and the power of their identity

College Ready Academics
A focus on ensuring our students are college ready.

A focus on the mental capabilities that our students need in order to successfully learn in school and live productive lives.

Physical Health
A focus on the physical health needs of our students.

Social Emotional
A focus on students building positive relationships, empathy towards others and managing emotions.

The BRICK Learning Approach

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
Relevant Pedagogy

BRICK Education Network Culturally Relevant Academic Program
Our culturally relevant academic program uses multiple aspects of student achievement and supports to uphold their cultural identities with preparing them to be college-ready.

UBUNTU Social-Emotional Learning
Emotional Support

BRICK Education Network Ubuntu Program
“I am who I am because of who we all are.”Our schools provide a supportive culture where students’ positive identities are nurtured. Through the concept of Ubuntu, or humanity towards all, we declare “I see you.”

Ecosystem of Supports
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Access to quality health care to ensure BRICK scholars are healthy and ready to learn.

Affordable Housing
Stabilize families and reduce the transient rate by providng access to homes that families can afford.

Family Case Management/ Workforce Development
Services that address the social and mental health needs that may arise in the families of our network. Skill development and job opportunities are also offered to caregivers in our network.

Early Childhood
Robust early childhood pipeline to the families of the network. Recognizing that the 0-5 years of a child’s early life is vitally important to their preparedness for academic achievement, BRICK places an emphasis on pre-kindergarten education and programming for new parents.

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