The South Ward Children’s Alliance, a BRICK Family Ally, is a community-based organization in the South Ward of Newark, NJ that gives families the resources they need for their children to thrive in both school and life. Our vision is that all children have an unimpeded path to unlock their limitless potential.



The South Ward of Newark, New Jersey, is a community full of vibrant families working toward bright futures for their children. Many residents of the South Ward have been underserved by the city and state, which have denied them high-quality schools, health care, dependable transportation, banks, jobs and healthy food options. This inequity has resulted in crime, poverty and diminished high school graduation rates. Despite this, the South Ward’s families rise above these challenges to help their children thrive. 



The South Ward Children’s Alliance works alongside families to help them create stable homes, access quality jobs and support their children’s academic, social, emotional and health and well-being needs. These needs, when fulfilled, contribute to kids’ excellent school performance and behavior, and, as a result, better life outcomes.



Through our Family Hub program and partners, we helped Gina and her son Matthew. Not having a stable home, combined with severe anxiety, had been causing Gina’s son Matthew to miss many days of school. After Gina and Matthew moved into their new home, SWCA connected Matthew to behavioral health services who provided counseling and works with his school to modify his class schedule to fit his needs. Matthew absences have greatly reduced since then, which has helped Gina maintain her job. Having a stable home has changed Gina’s path, and her son’s as well.

Gina’s family is one of many whose lives have been changed by working with the South Ward Children’s Alliance. Since our founding in 2014, Alliance partners have provided direct services to more than 820 children and families and reached more than 6,000 children through our partner public schools.