BRICK Education Network does not solely focus on developing rigorous academic programs, but seeks to end the cycle of poverty through providing innovative supports to the families in the communities it services. From rental assistance to housing, BRICK's goal is to stabilize families so they can thrive. We seek out quality partners and create the systems and structures for us to do this work together.

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Kids experience the trickle-down effects of their caregivers’ struggles. Underserved communities historically see poor academic statistics, low graduation rates and pervasive health problems. Behind each situation , there’s a child whose potential has gone unreached. And in most cases, it’s not their fault. It’s not their caregivers’ fault. It can be next to impossible to break out of a system which often feels like it was designed to fail. Now: imagine a community where people know they can trust and rely on each other. Where caregivers can ask for help and know they’ll receive it. Where students are given the tools and the resources they need to succeed and they have a firm sense of their identity. What you’re imagining is the BRICK Education Network, and in Newark, NJ and beyond with the help of our supporters, BRICK is changing the narrative of what it takes to educate black and brown children by creating a collective ecosystem of education, social support and character education where kids have a successful future. BRICK is taking on this challenge - one community at a time.


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