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Calling All Future BEN Scholars!

BRICK Education Network charter schools serve scholars K3 to 12th grade. The Enrollment application for 2020-2021 will possibly re-open May 2020.

Achieve Community Charter School

Marion P. Thomas – STEAM Academy

Marion P. Thomas – PAC Academy

Marion P. Thomas – High School

They may re-open in May, but no matter when they do, we are here for your child’s success.

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Fill out an interest form and receive and email notification when the applications for enrollment are open again.

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Schedule a virtual tour of any of our schools. We want you to see the environment we have built for your child(ren) to thrive in.

Discover the BEN Way!


Our schools are intentionally designed to be innovative and help our students beat the odds.


Our students are encouraged to explore and draw strength from their identity.


We have community partnerships that provide necessary resources for stable and healthy homes.


We change structures and policies that stand between our students and their dreams.