History & Impact

History & Impact


BRICK (Building Resilient Intelligent Creative Kids) Education Network, a charter management organization based in Newark, New Jersey, invests in children and their caregivers to relentlessly knock down all barriers to students’ academic success.

In 2010, Teach for America alumnus Dominique Lee, deeply motivated to create more academic opportunities for the predominantly Black and brown student population in the South Ward of Newark, decided it was time for teachers to take charge in creating change for youth. He recruited five other Teach for America alumni for this labor of love. In partnership with the Newark Public Schools, the group successfully turned around two underperforming traditional public schools. BRICK then chartered a new public school, Achieve Clinton Hill Charter School, to further serve kids in the South Ward.

In 2018 BRICK launched the South Ward Promise Neighborhood, a powerful collaborative effort of more than 30 organizations working together to invest in South Ward families. This expanded initiative allows BRICK to focus on children's holistic aspects and development with a multi-generational approach.

BRICK continues to combine an innovative schooling model that aligns an excellent education with the necessary support outside the classroom for students to succeed.