Mission & Values

The BRICK Education Network's mission is to relentlessly knock down all barriers to students' academic success. Our innovative model aligns an individualized excellent education with the necessary family supports to make sure each and every child can succeed.

Our Driving Values


We pursue our mission to give all children a world-class education with fierceness and urgency, and don’t look back.


We never stop pushing ourselves to innovate and we aren’t afraid to take risks if it means that we can better serve our students.


We work tirelessly toward of vision of transforming public education with a pragmatism and political astuteness that leads to real change right now.


We are driven in our work by a deep faith: in the children and families we serve, in the mission of our work and in the attainability of our vision for the future.


We serve our students and families with empathy and understanding. Our work is rooted in love.


We honor our commitments and keep our promises to ourselves, each other and the students and families we serve.