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Gateway Academy builds innovators who graduate college ready to solve the world’s next set of challenges.


Family Support

Any time a child’s family becomes destabilized—often for reasons beyond the family’s control—it affects the child’s academic career. The BRICK model works together with families that have become destabilized to help them thrive. The BRICK Promise Navigation program provides comprehensive and coordinated services to families until they are financially stable, emotionally healthy, and achieve the dreams they have set for themselves. If you attend one of our schools and need assistance, please contact your school’s Family and Community Engagement Officer.

Wellness Center

Student well-being, which encompasses their social, mental, physical, and emotional health, is inextricably connected to academic outcomes. BRICK—in partnership with Saint James Health—opened the South Ward Wellness Center (SWWC) to support children and families living healthy lives. SWWC is dedicated to helping individuals and families create well-being and balance in their lives by providing a one-stop space in which community members can create, cultivate, and sustain the lives they want to live.

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Family Village

Children who are chronically absent miss critical instruction time and are at the greatest risk of falling behind and dropping out of school. Housing instability is one of the leading causes of chronic absenteeism. BRICK believes that affordable housing is critical to ensuring that children and families are successful, which is why housing is central to the BRICK model. BRICK’s program The Family Village helps families become housing secure and sets them on a path to homeownership, which supports building wealth. The Family Village program does more than ensure families have a roof over their heads; it comprehensively supports families wherever they are and works with their fundamental strengths to achieve their goals.


Workforce Development

One of the critical elements of a child’s academic success is a stable family environment, and family stability is built upon quality employment. BRICK’s Career Pathway Program (CPP) supports families through upskilling that will allow them access to middle-class careers. The CPP provides opportunities for individuals to learn employability skills and receive case management, career coaching, and direct job placement.


Newark Leadership

Powered by diverse leaders and a commitment to fighting the status quo, BRICK is building resilient, intelligent, creative kids by equipping them with a high-quality, nurturing education and thriving, engaged families to support their success from cradle to career.

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Chaleeta Barnes

Executive Director

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Mandisa Brudey


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